Energy-Saving & Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies And Equipment IX International Specialized Exhibition

Energy-Saving & Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies And Equipment



DATE: October 3-6, 2017

VENUE: Petersburg, Peterburgskoe rout, 64/1, CEC Expoforum

Exhibition Organizer: FAREXPO JSC


The unique specialized project contributing to a comprehensive solution to the energy sector problems in the industry and utilities, infrastructure development areas, energy and environmental security.

The leading industry event in the region, demonstrating the scientific - technical developments and achievements in the field of energy saving, innovative solutions for the energy sector, and modern and effective energy complex technology.


Saint Petersburg Government pays special attention to energy efficiency, including industrial plants. Within the framework of the state support of enterprises receive assistance in obtaining documents, subsidies for the purchase of energy-saving equipment. Therefore, I can say with certainty that such events contribute to the promotion and development of the industry of the energy market in our city and the region.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations St. Petersburg S. Talnishnih

“The problem of energy efficiency of the Russian economy and energy saving is one of the key issues on the successful solution which depends largely on the success of socio-economic development of the country and its regions. Huge reserves of this field are hidden in the domestic energy sector.

Along with the modernization of the "traditional" energy industry based on the use of fossil fuels require new decisions on diversification of primary energy sources, broader and more effective use of local energy resources, eco-friendly renewable energy sources (RES). Unless a breakthrough science-based engineering solutions have emerged in this area it would be difficult to successfully solve the most important problems of the state for the development of remote regions of Russia: Arctic, Far East, South Russia, the development of the Crimea."

D .Eng. Sc., Professor. O. Popel.

Deputy Director of the Russian Academy of Science for High Energy Densities
Director of SIC, "Physical and technical problems of energy" High Temperatures RAS
Chairman of the Scientific Council on non-conventional renewable energy

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Leading Russian and foreign brands annually present at the exhibition the unique models and the latest novelties in the power efficiency and energy-saving.

Institute of extended education SPbUTUiE is grateful for the excellent organization of the exhibition Energy Saving. Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment, which took place in EXPOFORUM Congress and Exhibition Centre 04-07 October 2016. We participated in the exhibition to establish business contacts and to familiarize all participants with our programs of additional vocational training, to raise awareness of the University brand.

Now there is a decline in all the exhibitions, there come less visitors, but here we are pleased that we had found out straight from the first day, both teachers and students. By the end of the exhibition we had a lot of new useful contacts.

During participation in the exhibition we were able to:

1) attract potential students for professional training programs, professional development and training, describing the advantages of studying in our Institute, as well as be informed of planned activities in the Institute of additional education SPbUTUiE in the 2016-17 school year.

2) establish business contacts with managers and specialists of the largest organizations in the sphere of energy saving, recruiting and consulting services for the joint implementation of educational programs.

We would like to thank the organizers for the high professional level. None of our questions was left without an instant solution. After all, the exhibition not only provides us with an opportunity to communicate with customers and partners, but also provides us with additional opportunities to increase contacts, promote the brand of our Institute and the University College as a whole!"

Victoria Buyanova, the leading specialist of "Institute of Additional Education of St. Petersburg University of Economics and Technology Management"

“I would like to lay emphasis on the high level of this event, quality, organization and coordinated work of the team of organizers.

There are interesting and relevant subjects of the exhibition, and as a consequence come a number of exhibitors. For enterprises, the views that in the collective exposition of the Tomsk region, participation in the exhibition was not only part of the marketing mix, but also an effective way to establish promising contacts for cooperation, contracting, as well as exchange experiences with colleagues from other regions "

J. Tkachukova
Specialist of Administration of Tomsk CNTI - branch FGBU "REA" Russian Ministry of Energy

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Delegations of heat generating organizations: GUP TEK of St. Petersburg, JSC "TGC-1", LLC "Peterburgteploenergo", LLC "International Energy Corporation", SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC;

Representatives of organizations responsible for supplying heat and electricity to industrial enterprises: group of companies JSC « Gazprom», specialized ministries and departments, FEC regions of Russia, non-profit associations and unions, design and engineering companies, industrial enterprises, investment companies and banks, construction companies of premium-class real estate;

Specialists of: municipal and regional Chamber of Commerce, scientific research institutes and others.

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At the same time with Specialized Exhibition Energy Saving. Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment are held 20th International Specialized Exhibition of Natural Gas Industry and Technology for Gas Facility «ROS-GAS-EXPO», BOILERS AND BURNERS.

Joint exhibitions provide:

  • To visitors - solutions for the entire range of issues related to distribution and consumption of gas for representatives of various sectors.
  • To participants - possibility to present the whole variety of products and services provided by engineers, manufactures, distributors.

The Exhibition Energy Saving. Power Efficiency. Innovative Technologies and Equipment – a meeting place of different industries’ professionals.

We welcome all the stakeholders wishing to develop its businesses to take part in the exhibition!


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