Why Exhibit?

There is nothing that equals an exhibition: only during the fair you may get a personal contract with your potential customers, partners and competitors at neutral area, get to hear about new market trends and take part in their formation.

who is not at the show that is not in the business: marketing pro trade fairs

In the diversity of marketing methods the exhibitions and fairs have proven to be the most effective. It was confirmed by countless research conducted at leading exhibitions worldwide.

the global Association of the exhibition business (ufi) reseach

Exhibitions and fairs are more than marketing tool, in point of fact, it’s your market. Being a platform of personal meeting in its essence it’s a place where main part of your goals is attained.

Keeping in mind your basic purposes, product promotion, market placement, sales, exhibitions and fairs allow you to:

  • Find new buyers/customers
  • Rise client’s loyalty
  • Renew contracts with  buyers/customers  
  • Market products and services
  • Demonstrate the whole range of products and services  
  • Intensify sales process
  • Create a new image
  • Consolidate PR activities
  • Draw mass media attention


  • One of the largest economic regions in Russian Federation. It occupies all Northern part of the European territory of a country
  • It is a crossing of major transport trade routs
  • The region where there are the territories with the coldest weather and the highest demand on heating equipment
  • Investments in the Northwestern region grow fast


  • St Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia
  • Fast growth of the region
  • Increasing construction of new residential buildings, town real estate
  • Increasing demand for building renovation which often involves replacement of central heating systems, using the modernized heating appliances


  • International exhibition «BOILERS & BURNERS» is the main exhibition of heat-power industry in Northwestern Region
  • UFI approved event
  • Supported by:
  • The Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Northwestern Federal District
  • Russian Ministry of Energy
  • Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federation
  • St Petersburg City Administration and Leningrad Region Administration
  • St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
  • At the same time with BOILERS AND BURNERS are held:
  • International Specialized Exhibition of Natural Gas Industry and Technology for Gas Facility «ROS-GAS-EXPO»
  • Specialized Exhibition «Power Efficiency. Energy Saving.Innovative Technologies and Equipment»