FASHION INDUSTRY 2011 38th International Exhibition of Textile and Garments Industry


Terms of Participation

The terms of participation

  1. For participation in an exhibition it is necessary to complete and send by fax the Application Form to the Organizing committee. The application form is registered only at presence of signatures of the head of the company and the chief accountant, a stamp and it is the Contract for participation in the exhibition. 
  2. Application must be sent and payment for participation according to the invoice must be done not later than February 20, 2012.
  3. The Application Form cannot be cancelled by the Applicant unilaterally
  4. Reservation for concrete place is carried out upon a reception by the Organizer an advance payment for participation at a rate of 30% from cost of the contract which must be made within 14 days on the basis of the invoice issued by Organizing committee of the exhibition;
  5. Construction of stands is made after 100% of payment
  6. In case of refusal of participation in the exhibition after February 20, 2012 the paid sums are not refunded;
  7. In case of use of own exhibition equipment, it is necessary for Exhibitor to coordinate the project of the stand with Organizing committee of the exhibition till February 20, 2012;
  8. After the arrival on the exhibition the Exhibitor should be registered on March 14, 2011  from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. at the stand of Organizing committee and acquire documents for the right of importation and removal of exhibits;
  9. During installation/dismantle of an exposition and during work of the exhibition the Exhibitor independently provides safety of the exhibits, the Organizing committee of the exhibition provides protection of the exposition only during nighttime;
  10. The Exhibitor takes up a liability for the rented equipment. In case of its damage or loss the Exhibitor must pay the penalty in the triple size of the lost equipment rent;
  11. The Exhibitor is not authorized to dismantle or move an exposition before closing of the exhibition;
  12. Carrying out of publicities in territory of an exhibition without the coordination with Organizing committee of the exhibition is forbidden;
  13. Participants of an exhibition undertake to carry out all rules of fire-prevention safety;
  14. Trade at an exhibition is conducted according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.   


For further details, please, contact Organizers:
Exhibition Director: Tatiana Nesterova
International sales and marketing: Yana Naimushina

Head Office in St Petersburg:
Address: 8a Gagarina pr., St. Petersburg 196105, Russia
Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 777-04-07, 718-35-37