ExpoHoReCa 2014 XII International Exhibition of Hospitality Industry

ExpoHoReCa 2014

Terms of Participation

  1. To participate in the exhibition it is necessary to fill and send an Application-Contract to the Directorate. Application-Contract is registered only upon presence of signatures of the Director and chief accountant and company’s stamp and is a Contract for participation in the exhibition. Invoice for payment is issued on basis of the Application-Contract. Payment of 30% of the total cost is to be effected within 2 weeks from the date of the invoice receipt. Payment of the remaining 70% of the total cost is to be effected up to March 01, 2014. Refusal to participate in the exhibition is accepted only in writing form signed by the Director and chief accountant.
  2. Application-contract cannot be cancelled unilaterally by the Applicant;
  3. Reserve of specific exhibition place is made upon receipt of advance payment by the Organizer for the participation in the amount of 30 % of the contract cost, which is effected in the 14-days period on the basis of invoice issued by the Exhibition Directorate;
  4. Construction of stands is made after 100% payment;
  5. In case of use of its own exhibition equipment, the Exhibitor must approve a draft of the stand with the Directorate of the exhibition till March 01, 2014;
  6. Upon arrival to the exhibition the Exhibitor must be registered on March 26, 2014 from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. on the stand of the Exhibition Directorate and receive documents for the right of import / export of exhibits;
  7. During installation/dismantling and during the exhibition work the Exhibitor by himself provides safety of its exhibits, Exhibition Directorate provides security of exhibit only at night;
  8. Exhibitor assumes financial responsibility for the rented equipment. In case of damage or loss the equipment costs are paid triple to the amount of its rent;
  9. Exhibitor is not allowed to dismantle or move the exhibition until the close of the exhibition;
  10. Carrying out of promotional activities in the exhibition area without approval by the Directorate is prohibited;
  11. Exhibitors undertake to comply with all fire safety rules;
  12. Trading in the exhibition is conducted in accordance with the Russian Federation law.


To participate in the exhibition it is necessary to complete and send the application form.
with the Director’s signature to the Exhibition Directorate by e-mail horeca@orticon.com