EXPOHORECA XII International Exhibition of Hospitality Industry


Why to participate

Why to participate in the exhibition?

The exhibition is good advertised during the preparation period, and various forms of marketing and communication are used. This allows you to demonstrate all the properties of products and significantly reduce the time from product's advancement objectives on the market to its consumer sale.

Statistics confirm:

  • The cost of the deal at a meeting during the exhibition are on average 40% lower than without the participation in the exhibition
  • 90% of company officials responsible for decision making, called exhibitions the best source of information when purchasing
  • product demonstration during the exhibition has 6 times more impact on sales than other means of promotion
  • the lasting visual effect of a showpiece can last up to 14 weeks.

Participation in the exhibition allows you to:

  • promote yourself as a successful company
  • get to know more about clients and their expectations
  • get immediate feedback about products and reaction to the company
  • to create and expand a database of contacts for the future
  • to explore the market and competition, and to estimate the market potential of your enterprise
  • to keep your presence in the market
  • to find potential agents and distributors.

Why ExpoHoReCa exhibition?

  • ExpoHoReCa is the only exhibition in the North-West of Russia for restaurateurs and hoteliers
  • Saint-Petersburg is a major world city and a centre of Russian culture, as well as a popular center for tourism and recreation. There is an active hospitality industry developing in the city.
  • ExpoHoReCa in Saint-Petersburg is a traditional venue for hospitality industry professionals: restaurateurs and hoteliers, manufacturers and suppliers, companies and associations.
  • The exhibition presents a full range of services necessary for development of the hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe and fast-food industries.
  • The exhibition has accreditation from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), confirming quality and conformity to international standards