«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»

«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»

Services for exhibitors


Construction of individually designed booths

Exhibitors can ask the Organizer for design and construction of individual stands. Design and construction of individual stands are carried out by “ORTEXPO” JSC (“FAREXPO” Companies Group).
Contact person - Kristina Kosorukova,
e-mail: kristina@orticon.com

Organization of a corporate stand for partner companies

Partner companies can be represented at one stand. In such a case every one of them is been registered by the directorate as an exhibitor enjoying full rights including placement of a standard information block about it in the official catalog, granting an exhibitor diploma, invitation to an evening reception, etc.

An average area for every exhibitor of the corporate stand must not be less than minimum rate of rent of space - 6 sq. m.

The payment can be made by either one of the exhibitors or all exhibitors of the corporate stand in parts. The payment includes a registration fee for every exhibitor.

Consultations on preparation of the exposition

The Organizers are always glad to help and advise you about the rational organization and decoration of your stand, conducting workshops, presentations and other activities within the bounds of the exhibition.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Directorate.
We will be pleased to help you.

Workshops for exhibitors

We invite all the companies interested in effective exhibiting to take part in workshops being conducted by “FAREXPO” Company in September (the exact dates will be announced on the site).
The following questions will be considered at the workshop:

  • stand design and decoration,
  • staff training for work at the exhibition,
  • efficient work at the exhibition,
  • post-exhibition work.

The workshop is based on experience of the leading world specialists of the exhibition business with a glance to features of the Russian exhibition market and practical knowledge of “FAREXPO” Company.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Preliminary registration is obligatory.

Hotel accommodation, transfer, business-tourism

Компания «БГС-тур» “BGS-tour” Company (“FAREXPO” Companies Group) offers to exhibitors and visitors the following services :

  • Reservation of rooms in any hotels of the city,
  • Transfer (airport, railway station - hotel; hotel-exhibition),
  • Rent a vehicle in St. Petersburg,
  • City sightseeing tours
For persons interested in visiting foreign exhibitons "BGS-tour" organizes individual and group business tours.

Hotel reservation
Contact persons:
Natalia Emelyanova– Deputy Director General
t/f  +7 (812) 777 04 07 (ext. 640)
e-mail: sbs@orticon.com
Lyubov Kakoychenko– Manager
t/f  +7 (812) 777 04 07 (ext. 659)
e-mail: sale@orticon.com

Advertising and printing services Типография «TOPPRINT»

Dear exhibitors! If you need to prepare promotional materials (catalogs, leaflets, booklets, business cards, etc.) for the exhibition you are welcome to contact “TOPPRINT” printing house (“FAREXPO” Companies Group).

“TOPPRINT” printing house is:
- wealth of experience in printing of exhibition materials,
- professional printing design,
- digital and offset printing,
- number of printed copies - from 1 to 100000 ,
- any large offset circulation in 24 hours,
- special discounts for exhibitors of “FAREXPO

TOPPRINT.Last-minute printing center +7 (812) 49 555 35

Services of a Contact-center "CALLS"

  • invitation of professional visitors to your booth
  • scheduling your meetings at the exhibition
  • organization of an information service

If you want to get at the exhibition a maximum number of efficient contacts with your target audience please apply to the Contact-center "CALLS" ("FAREXPO" Companies Group)

Contact-center "CALLS" is:

  • an efficient tool for searching new customers and maintaining relations with existing customers;
  • wealth of experience in organization of business meetings at exhibitions;
  • special discounts for the exhibitors of "FAREXPO".

Contact-center «CALLS» +7 (812) 740 740 5 www.allcalls.ru

Visa support, customs, logistics

International department of the “FAREXPO” company gives visa support for exhibitors and visitors.
Contact - Oxana Chudakova, tel. +7 (812) 777 04 07 ext. 609
e-mail: int@orticon.com

Logistics and customs services are rendered by “PAN-BALT Service” Co. Ltd

PAN-BALT Service is a leader in provision of customs services and logistics in the North-West region of Russia; it is a company enjoying a high reputation among its foreign partners and clients. The company renders the following services:
- international and domestic exhibition freight forwarding
- temporary storage warehouse
- full range of services of a customs broker
- air freight handling (to/from the airport “Pulkovo”, St. Petersburg)
- warehouse for consular and diplomatic cargo handling

Handling operations at the exhibition

If cargo handling is required during the arrival and departure days please apply to the Exhibition Directorate. All handling operations are carried out by the master mechanic service of the SCC.

The service works from 10.00 to 19.00 on December 1 (the arrival day), and from 16.00 on December 4 (the departure day).

Estimating of handling cost is realized by the master mechanic service with a glance to the equipment used, overall dimensions and weight of the cargo. Approximate price is 10 euro per 100 kg. All accounting documents for the handling operations will be executed by the Directorate.

If you need to use a lift truck for individual stand installation prior to the arrival day please inform the Directorate three days before the installation.