«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»

«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»



Peterburgsky Sports and Concert complex built in 1979 is considered to be one of the  most grandiose entertainment constructions not only in Russia, but also in Europe..
PSCC building is 193 meters in diameter and 40 meters in height, and it makes a magnificent ensemble with a picturesque park surrounding.
Favorable location of the complex in the Moskovsky district -one of the central and prestigious districts of the city, a huge free-of-charge parking, spacious and light foyers took the fancy of Petersburgers and allowed the complex to become one of the most popular exhibition venues in St.-Petersburg. Annually 20 international specialized exhibitions of a various profile passing in the SCC are visited by more than 3,5 million people.


The PSCC is the unique closed construction in St.-Petersburg with 15000 sqm area of the main arena. The area of a foyer with buffets and restaurants is about  12000 sqm.There are a press centre equipped with an international communication equipment and  halls for holding workshops and making presentations in the PSCC . Such developed infrastructure under the same roof allows participants and visitors to work during the exhibition without passing from pavilion to pavilion. Another unique chance for participants of the exhibitions is an opportunity to use a space of the complex. The 25-meter height of ceilings of the main arena of the PSCC allows to exhibit effective multi-storey stands and designs. The PSCC is the best place for exhibiting of production to a maximum quantity of buyers.


"Park Pobedy" metro stop, then on foot through a park to the PSCC, or by trolley-buses No. 24 or 26 and  minibuses No. 24 and 25 from "Elektrosila" metro stop.

From the airports - any minibus to the "Moskovskaya" metro stop, then 1 metro stop or any surface transportation along Moskovsky pr. to "Park Pobedy" metro stop.

From  Moskovsky railway station - by metro or bus No. 27 to "Park Pobedy" metro station, then on foot through a park.

From  Moskovsky railway station - by metro to "Park Pobedy" metro stop or minibus No. 25 directly to the PSCC.

Peterburgsky SCC, Gagarina ave. 8, "Park Pobedy" metro stop»