Elecrtonics And Instrument-Making 2015 15th International Specialized Exhibition

Elecrtonics And Instrument-Making 2015


  • Dates: 21-23th October, 2015
  • Venue: SCC, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Organizer: FAREXPO

International Exhibition RADEL - is a specialized trade fair for electronics components and parts, materials, technologies, equipment, services, certification, service of electronics and instrument-making, which has been held in Saint Petersburg since 2001 year.

From one year to the next RADEL Exhibition has being demonstrating the latest achievements of native and foreign manufacturers of electronic parts, PCB’s, controls, electric power supplies, measurement, checkout and test instruments and systems of full-scale production and custom-made.

It is hard to imagine electronics and instrument-making sectors development without close cooperation of Russian and foreign companies, investors and developers. RADEL exhibition creates all necessary conditions for their fruitful cooperation, it brings together leading professional groups from Russia and abroad.

Companies from USA, Australia, Taiwan, China, Belarus, Netherlands and Ukraine annually take part In the RADEL Exhibition.

The project attracts a plenty of permanent participants and guests. It has being developing together with the economical sector. The exhibition format allows participants to handle successfully all their objectives, such as presentation of products, obtaining new contacts, selling products. Among visitors dominate engineers and developers interested in novelties, searching new contracts along with managers of medium and high-raking managers.



over 300 companies
over 8000 visitors