«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»

«Electronics & Instrument-making - 2009»

About the exhibition



Dates:December 2-4, 2009
Venue:Petersburgsky SCC, Saint Petersburg
Organized by:FAREXPO Exhibition Company and NTF TechnoCom
Next edition:November 2010

Under the auspices of:

Radioelectronic industry and management systems Administration of the Federal Agency on industry of the RF (RI&MSA FAI)

Saint Petersburg Association of Enterprises of Radio electronics, Instrument-making, Communications and Infotelecommunications Facilities

Autonomous Non-profit-making Organization "Association of Russian Distributors of Electronic Components" (АРДЭК)

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  • Electronic components and parts
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Form-factors
  • Technologies
  • Materials
  • Industrial equipment and devices
  • Measurement, checkout and test instruments and systems
  • Contract electronic manufacturing.

Detailed exhibit profile is available here:
Exhibit profile


Business prorgam
The exhibition is accompanied with a comprehensive business program including workshops and presentations of exhibitors.
Detailed business program will be published on the web-site as formed

Participation in the program


The following events will take place togehter with the exhibition in the frameworks of the International Industrial forum "ELECTRONICS. INSTRUMENT-MAKING. AUTOMATION" in the Peterburgsky SCC:

Х International Specialized Exhibition
Production and design automation, robotics, embedded systems, pneumatic and hydraulic automation.

II Specialized Exhibition
Equipment and materials for electrical facility of industrial enterprise and electrical production

Specialized Exhibition
Components, component cells, measurement devices and equipment for communication and telecommunication facilities, and SCS.

Joint holding of еxhibitions on related themes ensures to representatives of enterprises of various industries a unique chance  of efficient search for solutions over all complex of issues connected with electronics, automation, power engineering, and communications. 

In spite of financial difficulties arisen in the world the international exhibition "RADEL" being a basis of the forum is rapidly developing together with the Russian electronics market. Lately it became not only the largest exhibition in the Nortwest region but also all over Russia. National manufacturers of electronic components, printed curcuit boards, instruments, power supplies, suppliers of radio metering equipment and components, both wide-used and  truly exotic ones, e.g. computers and  electronic modules for rugged environment or visual systems, traditionally take part in the exhibition.

"RADEL" and "Automation" are imposing specialized exhibitions which are known by practically  all specialists of the industry in all regions of Russia, yearly number of exhibitors increases and geography of exhibitors enlarges. The exhibitions have a large number of regular exhibitors and a stable circle of visitors. A format of the event enables to successfully manage with tasks - presentations, search for new contacts, product sales - that the exhibiting companies assigned. There are always many engineers and developers, interested in novelties, looking for communication with engineers of distributing companies, among the guests of the exhibition. "Electronics. Instrument-making. Automation" is a global scale event as far as it has been widely recognized by national and world-known international companies which are regular exhibitors. The exhibitions welcome companies from Russia, Germany, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Austria, Australia, Taiwan, China and Belarus.
The major purpose of the exhibitions is not only demonstration of the newest developments and chievements in the field of electronics and automation of industrial enterprises but also creation of a favourable environment for instraindustry dialogue, for efficient communication of manufacturers, sellers, and consumers of electronics and automation means

The exhibition is registered on the web-site Association of the German Trade Fair Industry